Don’t forget to put these 13 items into your hand luggage when you travel by plane

Don’t forget to put these 13 items into your hand luggage when you travel by plane


Many aircrafts offer in-flight entertainment with movies, music and podcasts from all over the world. With headphones in your hand luggage you can access the programs before take-off and shorten your flight time. You also save the €3,- to €6,- that many airlines charge for headphones.

Ear plugs

If you have never used earplugs before, you will probably find the foreign object in your ear a little strange at first. But you get used to it quite quickly and enjoy a restful sleep. (as far as you can sleep well in the plane)

On my last long-distance trips, I tried earplugs made from wax for the first time and was thrilled. They close much better than the cotton wool earplugs, because they fit the ear perfectly.

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Sometimes, before landing, entry forms are handed out in the airplane by the cabin crew, which need to be submitted at the passport control. It is very annoying if you do not have a pen or pencil at hand and have to wait until you can borrow one from the other passengers.

Toothbrush/Chewing gum

I also recommend to always to have a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste with you even for short trips. Brushing your teeth in between or just before landing, not only refreshes your mouth but also your head. (in a transparent, resealable bag).  As an alternative, chewing gum or a peppermint will also do the trick.

Lip balm/moisturizer

Another fresh kick against tiredness and sallow skin due to bad cabin air. Please be aware that the maximum amount of liquid (100 ml total) should not be exceeded.



I have experienced it 1000 times that the suitcase of customers or fellow travellers got lost during the journey and arrived only days later at the hotel. In almost every case the customers had their important medicines in their suitcase and not in their hand luggage -> important medicines ALWAYS need to be carried in the hand luggage!

Clothes for changing

This is also for the case that your suitcase does not arrive at your destination with you. A pair of underwear, shorts, a T-shirt and swimwear to bridge the first day without a suitcase. This reduces the disappointment and the annoyance at least somehow.

Neck pillow/Sleeping mask

Especially for long-haul flights an indispensable item for a good night’s sleep without waking up with horrible neck-pain.


A Book or a Journal

Many domestic and short-haul flights do not offer in-flight entertainment. In such cases a great pastime. On flights I also like to read in the previously purchased travel guide to get in the mood for the holiday and the country.


Sweater/Scarf/Thick socks

In most of the airplanes, the air conditioning is set much too cool and blows around your ears. In order not to get sick, I always take a sweater or a scarf with me. On long-haul flights thick wool socks guarantee more comfort and less sweaty feet.


Many airlines no longer offer free meals on flights (e.g. Eurowings) or the food served is usually not very tasty or sufficient. In such cases I always take a banana, fruit bar or a sandwich with me.

Credit card/Cash

Some airlines offer the in-flight program only for a fee (e.g.: Condor). For this it is worthwhile to have some small change or the credit card with you.


Charging cable/Powerbank

If you like to play with your mobile phone on the plane, you should not forget the charging cable or a power bank. On long-haul flights many seats have USB plugs.

My final tip

An annoying button on your trousers or a blouse that is too tight can become a torture on your long-haul flight. When it comes to choosing clothing for the flight, the rule is – comfortable before chic!

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